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Student-Athlete Scholarship

Applications are open from January 1 to March 31 every year. Apply Now!
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All too often, children from communities without strong financial literacy programs believe that the path to financial freedom is through sports and athletics. We understand that the athletic path is limited with its own difficulties to navigate. We also recognize, however, that student-athletes have different academic and athletic options. Through this scholarship, we want to give a student the option of pursuing both academics and athletics. Our hope is that they will improve their lives through education and gain financial knowledge along the way.

The Essex Law Student-Athlete Scholarship awards $4,000 annually (one lump-sum payment ​made directly to the institution choice of the student) to a deserving student-athlete with a minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.5. Additionally, the Foundation will consider factors such as individual & family financial needs, the student’s desire to pursue financial literacy educational opportunities, and the family's obstacles, such as single-parent or dysfunctional households. The student’s extracurricular activities will also be considered.

"As a former athlete at Rochester PA Area HS, athletics were very important to me. Admittedly, athletics was a bigger focus than academics. Now knowing that academics should have been my greater focus, I want to award a scholarship that helps a student-athlete excel in both academics and athletics while relieving some of the financial burdens of the cost of college.”

– Essex Law, former Rochester Area HS student-athlete



A copy of your report card & current high school name


An acceptance letter from a higher education institution (to be eligible, students must be attending a higher education institution)


A teacher's recommendation letter


250 word essay on why the student-athlete deserves to be awarded this scholarship


Proof of residency in Beaver County (Pennsylvania)*

* Open to Beaver County (Pennsylvania) residents only.
** If awarded scholarship, you agree to acknowledge award within 30 days or scholarship will be rescinded.